Appsky Rebrand

A complete company rebrand for appsky, a human-centered creative agency that specializes in design, software, & consulting.

the old logo vs the new

At the time of the decision to rebrand, Appsky’s current logo wasn’t representative of their service offerings anymore—being a mobile phone, it made sense 2 and a half years ago since Appsky started as a company that solely created mobile apps. But now that they were offering multiple different design, software, and consulting services, they needed something more representational and inclusive.

previous logo

updated logo

other brand material

front and back design of a sales handout

general business card design for anyone in the company to use

personalized business card design for employees

front and back design of a sales handout

a look at the website

An important aspect of the rebrand was implementing our new identity in the updated website, particularly the portfolio section of the site.

the updated portfolio page

The Appsky brandmark

The Challenge

How can I bring in elements of our old brand to keep memorability intact but still come up with something new and representative of the team and company we had grown into over our first year as a fully-operating, multi-employee business?

The Solution

Three different “layers” inside of a transparent beaker that would represent our internal skills and abilities (particularly in terms of design, software, and consulting), and three bubbles above the beaker that would represent us sharing those skills and abilities with the outside world, as well as using them to create unique design and software solutions for all of our clients.

The Appsky logotype

Going Custom

When researching typefaces, I struggled to find one that I felt fit our new identity, so I made the decision to create a custom logotype. Everyone on the team agreed that it perfectly complemented the brandmark in a way that made the new brand signature feel cohesive and complete.

The brand typefaces

Because the client told me they wanted something that was “modern, but timeless,” I chose a combination of serif and sans-serif typefaces. 

The serif is elegant and traditional, complementing the regalness of the crown, as well as the significant history attached to it. The sans-serifs also have a sense of elegance about them, but are still clean and modern, creating a nice contrast with the serif typeface and the crown brandmark.

The color palette

As a team, we decided that our brand’s defining keywords would be: Bold, Dynamic, Personable, Innovative, and Playful.

I developed primary and secondary color palettes that would exemplify our keywords in a way that could be translated across any kind of platform and medium.

primary color palette

secondary color palette

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