Gasthaus Krone

A complete brand identity and website redesign for a traditional restaurant located in Oberstenfeld, Germany.

pictured above: letterhead + front, interior, and back envelope designs

business card design for restaurant employees

business card design for the local game distributer

the old logo vs the new

Because the logo hadn’t been updated since the 1990s, it was very important to create a brand identity that demonstrated the restaurant’s longstanding history but was still modern and approachable.

previous logo

updated logo

the old homepage

Just like the logo, the website hadn’t been updated since the 1990s.

the new homepage

In addition to implementing the new brand identity into the website design, it was important to make specific technical updates to the website to ensure everything was usable, accessible, and up-to-date.

the updated homepage design

The gasthaus krone brandmark

The Crown (“die Krone”)

In an effort to create a brandmark that was reminiscent of the iconic crown ornament that had been hanging outside of the restaurant for over 200 years, I came up with a solution that simplified the imagery of the crown, but still resembled the ornament in a way that made it both familiar and easy to use cohesively throughout the brand identity.

The brand typefaces

Because the client told me they wanted something that was “modern, but timeless,” I chose a combination of serif and sans-serif typefaces.

The serif is elegant and traditional, complementing the regalness of the crown, as well as the significant history attached to it. The sans-serifs also have a sense of elegance about them, but are still clean and modern, creating a nice contrast with the serif typeface and the crown brandmark.

The color palette

I chose the gold and navy colors to coincide with the elegance and history of the brand and paired them with cool neutrals to freshen up the color palette.

alternate logo concepts

I initially presented the client with 6 different logo concepts that you can see below. After receiving feedback, and completing one round of revisions, we landed on the final version—as well as the additional logo for the local hunter who supplies game to the restaurant.

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